The Lover’s Silence

When you love someone and you want to do anything for them; their is one more thing that you do for them is working on how to be silent. Because believe it or not yes, silence speaks for itself. You stop arguing, you let go of your cocky attitude, you try to mellow down, so that the person you want to spend your life understands that yes you have changed.

A relationship is more damaged due to small or petty things than due to any big – big issue. It is these petty that will crawl under your skin and before you know it they rip two lovers apart. This story relates to the perspective that we need to understand.

As always it is about a boy loves a girl and he thinks that he could turn the world all around for her, but it was least known to him that it was only he who was in love whereas the girl always thought that she was just in it because she thought the boy would do something wrong with his life. For love the boy stopped arguing, did not wanted an answer to everything or most of the things, he never questioned much. The one thing that he also focused on was just loving the girl with all his heart and soul.

But the girl wanted to either correct the boy in every single issue or just wanted to pin point on how he did everything or most of the things wrong in his life. At one point in their life the girl started blaming the boy for how everything was wrong in her life because the girl had to marry this boy. She told him how wonderful her life had been had she been married to someone else.

For a single moment she never thought how beautiful it was to being married, cherishing every moment of it and making the most of it. She made it a habit until she showed a hundred mistakes the boy had done in his life everyday, but all this time the boy never uttered a word against the girl he kept listening to what was said to him and how it was said to him. Most people would break down in such a situation, but the boy didn’t even show a crack in his character.

So how would you explain it is it that the boy had made a compromise with himself that this is what will happen to him every day or every single minute and now you will have to live with it or did he thought that yes he has done everything wrong in his life and now is the time he is getting to realize it. Or was he living in this fantasy world that one day everything would be fine. No, that is not what the boy had thought. The insight to the boy’s mind set would move you, motivate you and make you think that yes their are larger things in life to look up to then cribbing or blaming someone. All this time the boy thought that no matter how hard the situation gets he is not giving up; things will eventually turn up to what he wants in his life. This is how you should think yes their might be plenty of mistakes you’ve made in your life….., but do they really really matter that you stop living and enjoying your life. You are here to live so live to the fullest if you have made a mistake take it head on change……change your perspective and remember their is nothing that can’t be corrected.

Work on yourself, love yourself, every second of it think that how or what I can do to to make things better and eventually best for me. So if someone truly loves you they will definitely understand your silence. It is well said that if someone can’t listen and understand to your silence then eventually they will never ever listen to what you scream or shout at them as well. So this boy just wanted the girl to understand his silence…..more then anything he had ever said.


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